Limited edition colour releases

Thanks for your interest in more coloured socks. We release at least one new colour every quarter (every 3 months - roughly) as a limited edition release.

These are one-off releases in limited numbers and they usually sell out of most sizes within 1-2 weeks. If there is a past limited edition that you love and it is marked as sold out - we do not have any more in stock and do not have plans to re-stock any time soon, please do not email us requesting a specific colour.

We will however survey our database once per year and re-release the most popular previous limited edition colour run, please do not email us about this.

We notify everyone on our email and SMS list each time we release a new colour in our Rare Ones Collection. In the meantime, be confident in getting the right size and style when we do release a new colour by trying a few pairs from our classic collection now if you haven't already to feel the huge difference in comfort, durability, quality and performance, compared to other brands.

We're stoked that you're looking forward to more colour releases! We love being able to release new colours regularly - but you've got to be fairly quick to nab them.

Apr 24, 2024

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